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Growing Investment Candidates

Renewable energy and the subject of climate change continue to grab the headlines, and the economic results are beginning to show as well. What used to be a small universe of stocks we consider for inclusion in our Springwood model, about 50, has slowly expanded. We're now up to about 60 possible investment candidates that we could fit into the portfolio at any particular time.

It's refreshing to see this activity, and it is encouraging to see the growth in renewable energy companies, both from a selection standpoint and a quality standpoint. Many of the companies nowadays are beyond the initial public offerings stance and actually are attracting capital and beginning to show earnings. This is so promising on a number of fronts for those who are working for positive results for renewable energy and what we can do for the planet.  Green energy can now compete with fossil fuel companies for investment dollars.

This is certainly evidence of that, and our efforts with Springwood are working (although just a drop in the bucket as far as being able to do something for the environment).  It's comforting to know that it is a step forward. To use the sports team analogy, our concept of having a team and then the strongest members on that team from week to week “playing” is in our opinion working well, and we love to talk with our clients about it in more detail. Be sure to watch the website for upcoming events, and we look forward to seeing you soon.